Fine Art Prints

For select works, prints are available and in a variety of formats including:

  • Fine Art Acrylic Glass
  • Canvas
  • Wood, and
  • Brushed Metal

Pricing is per square foot* and is dependent on material. Because I want to make sure that the highest quality print is delivered, I handle all prints personally. Hardware is included. Please get in touch with me for any questions you may have regarding available prints, pricing, material, dimensions, etc. I’ll be more than happy to help! Prints currently available for purchase are shown here.

The Mermaid is a perfect example of the beauty of printing on fine art acrylic glass. At a width of 24″, you begin to fully appreciate the details of this work as it radiates beautifully.

The Mermaid, fine art acrylic glass, 24"x16", $450

The Mermaid, fine art acrylic glass, 24″x16″ – $550

A note on fine art acrylics

There’s absolutely no way to display on screen exactly how beautiful fine art acrylic glass prints look in real life. However, this is my preferred method for a lot of prints. The craftsmanship of these prints is absolutely superior. Dramatically powerful, and with no competing frame, a fine art acrylic print leaps off the wall in rich, vibrant detail, delivering a bold visual experience. With a sleek, highly finished, and minimal design, hardware and art function in perfect unison to create a photo finish that will delight eyes for years to come.

Canvas prints

Canvas is an excellent choice for any print. It works particularly well for underwater works such as those from The Liquidemic Project.

The Liquid Lotus, canvas detail

The Liquid Lotus, canvas detail

Breaking Through, 16"x9" canvas - $195

Breaking Through, 16″x9″ canvas – $195

Sinking, 14"x9" canvas - $125

Sinking, 14″x9″ canvas – $125

Get in touch with me today! I’m more than happy to help!

*$207/sf for fine art acrylics, $195/sf for canvas/wood/metal prints 16″ and above