Hello, I’m Scott!I started photographing people in 2007 on the streets of South Beach. Early on, I realized that taking a good photo of someone brings a smile to their face but a GREAT photo brings them happiness for years to come. To deliver an artful photograph to a client and then see them bubbling over with elation? THAT is why I photograph people. I’m all about spreading goodness and positive energy; photographing people allows me to do exactly that.And, too, I like to create art. The technique I employ in shoots is consistent and, in part, is what helps yield those results:

  1. I shoot entirely on location, and
  2. I shoot almost exclusively in natural and/or available light.

There is tremendous benefit to the client in shooting in these conditions: because it IS a natural setting, it creates a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere making shooting not only a more pleasant experience but a more productive one as well.

“Yes, the happiness and art is all fine, Scott, but what about your level of service?”

I’m soooo glad you asked that question! Whether you’re an individual or a business, I have a very simple process to ensure satisfaction. After discussing your needs, we’ll figure out together the best way to deliver what you want. We’ll plan our shoot, working out all styling and location details beforehand. And then we shoot!

After our shoot, I will provide you with proofs online which you can go through at your leisure. I will meticulously edit and retouch ALL photos before delivery.

I shoot only with pro-end gear and use the latest versions of industry-standard software to make sure you’re going to get the best possible photos. And, of course, I provide a rapid turnaround.

“This sounds awesome!”

Not to toot my own horn, but it really is a fantastic experience. And just the fact that you’re here probably means you’re awesome, too. We should totally work together!

So let’s go! Whether you’re a brand, a professional model, or just someone wanting to get some very cool photos of you or your family (including, of course, little Mittens or Spot), I guarantee you’ll be more than satisfied with the level of service I provide.