On April 21st, Rita and I showcased some of our works from The Liquidemic Project at RAW:Miami’s Signature Show at Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale. Really a fantastic event. Well organized, great venue, and great artists. The crowd turnout was phenomenal.

We had seven pieces on display (acrylic glass and canvas) and then a table full of laminate prints as well.

We had seven pieces on display (acrylic glass and canvas) and then a table full of laminate prints as well.

For us, this was our second show with RAW (the first being in Charlotte, North Carolina) and I really can’t say enough good things about them. The level of professionalism that the group has is what artists should expect. I did a group show here in Miami with a different outfit not long ago and it was literally nothing more than a way for the organizers to make money with zero support for the artists. The layout was absolutely terrible and there was zero communication.

The RAW events are entirely different. Putting aside the fact that they take zero commissions from any sales, the director of each show is personally in contact with every artist to ensure they’re ready for the show and have everything they need. They do advance walk-throughs of the venues and the day of the show, a team is there to help the artists set up. Just a tremendous effort on their part.

As for the show itself, we were both really pleased with the turnout and response. We got a LOT of really positive feedback from the audience and sold one print. A lot of people were really curious to know more about the work and the technical details. Someone asked me if everything was photoshopped which was kind of funny. Everything I do runs through photoshop to some extent but the underwater works are different in their processing. It’s a wholly different routine that I run through for underwater photography.

In any event, the event was a great success and both Rita and myself were very pleased and inspired by the response. The thing that’s lovely about The Liquidemic Project, too, is that it is only limited by our imaginations. And, of course, availability of water. 🙂

Thanks RAW:Miami for inviting us to be part of another awesome, awesome show!

The model and the photographer :)

The model and the photographer 🙂

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A look at the venue and a quick look at our area while Stef Silva performed.

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