On Wednesday, there was a package at the door. A package from an artist of enormous talent who I have mad, mad respect for. Soul Criminal. I laughed when I saw the label.

Dope Photographer

And I was totally flattered because the man’s a serious artist. His photography, his art, his shirts… everything I’ve seen this man produce has been dope! But beyond that, he’s one cool f#cker who I was so pleased to meet and hang out with during Miami Music Week. And now we’re working out ways to collaborate. Which is awesome.

But what did he send me?! This masterpiece!

Soul Criminal's Muse

He posted this brief note alongside the print on his Instagram account:

When you unexpectedly find a muse after 6 years of searching for inspiration this is what comes out…good? Bad? Nah it just is!

That brief note so totally resonated with me just having stumbled onto my own muse after roughly the same amount of time. The art, the burn holes in the lower left corner (with their own story), the note… it really speaks to me. And he penned a really kind note on the back. I couldn’t be more happy about getting this.

Thank you, Soul Criminal. Really, thanks man. I truly appreciate this. Keep doing dope shit!

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