Breaking Through to the Year Ahead

Breaking Through

Over the last few months, I’ve felt this swirling energy. Positive energy. Connections that have been growing with friends and colleagues feel stronger and stronger. And they feel right. It’s been inspiring.

Just before Christmas, I spent some time at The Standard here on the beach lounging and shooting with one of those friends, Rita. Fun times and great shots, no doubt. But there was one shot that really struck me. That spoke to me.

Breaking Through captures exactly my excitement about the upcoming year. In it, the world is turned upside-down. And there’s an alternate unknown reality that exists just above/beneath the reachable surface. And everything’s blue. 🙂

(In the context of liquidemic series, though, it reflects a different yet somewhat similar meaning.)

So here’s to 2016! To the year ahead. May you and yours have an amazing year filled with great vibes!!

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