Last week I went to Nicaragua. Had planned to stay one night, stayed two. Only because I slept through my alarm and missed the bus. That worked out great, though, because I got to see a lot I hadn’t seen before.

When I arrived in Rivas, I caught a bicycle taxi to the bus station so that I could take the less than $1 ride to San Juan del Sur. Great decision because I likely would’ve never discovered the mercado otherwise. So the day I overslept, I decided to revisit it. The bus ride out there was fantastic, actually, because I had my camera out i got noticed pretty quickly. And the locals on the back of the bus were super friendly and it afforded me the opportunity to get a lot of shots I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. Great time. So I went, I shot, and then got back to the hotel just after sunset. And that’s when I discovered I had set my alarm for PM not AM. So I didn’t actually sleep through my alarm.

No problem. I had met some cool people in SJDS, hung out with them for a bit that night, talked to some other people and the next day, I came back. And coming back made me wish I had a boat. Because traveling by bus is easy, but it’s soooooooo long.

Photos are up in two galleries, the San Juan del Sur gallery and the Rivas gallery. The SJDS gallery includes photos from my last visit there as well.

Great, great time.

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