After careful consideration, I’ve decided to remove all fine art/erotica from my catalog. While I’ve spent a number of years shooting what I feel is great fine art and erotica (and I WILL continue to do so), it is of zero benefit to have that work mixed in with my normal body of work.

It’s problematic professionally and personally for both me and the people I shoot, whether they are models, friends, family, acquaintances or strangers I shoot on the street.

I’ve been doing this for years so I’m used to others not using my services because they think I must be sleazy or unethical or whatever it is they think of me simply because of what I shoot. That’s their deal and I can’t fault them for however their minds operate. However, it’s recently caused someone I work with to lose a client because I’m tied to them. That’s simply too much for me. Asinine, in my opinion, but it’s what it is.

And this doesn’t even touch the sideways glances potentially and sometimes cast toward all of the wonderful women I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. Because they’ve shot with me. It’s unfortunate but this is the nature of the beast. It’s unfair to others. I could wish the world over that people could see with bigger eyes than they do but it doesn’t change everyday reality.

Anyone who has followed me for any regularity knows this isn’t the first time I’ve cast the fine art/erotica aside. But the situation this time is entirely different. The circumstances are very different now, not to mention my location.

It saddens me a good bit to shut this down for now because some of my best work (not to mention a HUGE part of my work), without question, is in the fine art/erotica genre. And I know this is going to disappoint a great many of my followers on certain social networks, but it’s just best this way.

I’ve always enjoyed the recognition for my work and thoroughly enjoy when people see it for what it is or what I am trying to do. With all modesty, I can truly say that shooting fine art/erotica is something I excel at. Twenty plus million views and twenty thousand followers can’t be wrong. But to mix it up with everything else, especially here in this country, where people (ESPECIALLY gringos) are so very judgmental and quick to throw you under the bus… it has to exist by itself. I cannot mix it together.

I’ve always wanted to create a network of true artists online that are doing great fine art/erotica. Because there are a great number. Artists. Real artists who KNOW erotica. Maybe it’s time to do that. But for now, it’s all off of my site and will be coming off related networks soon. Wherever I land, it’s likely that I won’t make any public announcement because the whole point is to keep these aspects of my life separate. It’s something I just have to do.

You can reach the newly revamped and thinned out model pages from the front page of

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  • PeterJul 31, 2014

    A great pity. The small minds have won. Your glamour/erotic photography was what first attracted me to your work, Scott, because it was so accomplished, and your video work so distinctive. To think that there will be no more, at least that you will share with the world, is very saddening. Maybe I’ll look in on your Costa Rica diary from time to time, but there’s only so much time one can spend reading about another person’s ex-pat excursions. Your photographic encounters with beautiful women, however, were something else, and would never get old. But the best of luck to you, as always.

    • ScottJul 31, 2014

      Thanks, Peter. That really means a lot.
      Check your email. 🙂

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