I went to San José today primarily to take photos on the street. Because, as I’ve said before, it’s a street photographer’s paradise in much the same way that South Beach is; there are endless characters and curiosities and backdrops everywhere you turn. And the foot traffic is heavy. I’d like to make it to San José at least once, if not twice a month. Honestly, I’d love to live there just for the street photography. Right now, it’s just not practical. Hopefully this year.

I want to go ahead and announce (because no time is better than the present) a little project I’m working on which is People of Costa Rica. It’s more than just a Facebook page housing a collection of street photography shot in Costa Rica; the project is also going to involve portraiture. The portraits will be of three basic varieties: casual, street, and the more traditional (non-studio) portraiture. It’s the last style which I’m most excited about and it’s a somewhat bold endeavor. Hopefully, I’ll have some details worked out this week and can tell you more about it.

As always, the photos from today (which are a mix of street and urban fragmentia) can be found in the proper San José gallery. All similar such photos will make their way up to the People of Costa Rica page. Here are some samples.








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