Priscila in the pool at Hotel Luamey in Tamarindo.

Priscila in the pool at Hotel Luamey in Tamarindo.

Yesterday was my first full day back in my apartment after the nutty fun trip around Costa Rica with Priscila. Still decompressing and letting my brain (and liver) try to recuperate. Actually, my liver’s probably fine. I only drink socially and while there was a whole helluva lot of socializing over the last couple of weeks, there wasn’t that much social drinking in the time prior to it.

My liver is probably like, “That was fun! We should do that again sometime!”
“Yes let’s, liver,” I’ll say back.

The stories are beginning to make their way online, as I work through them. They are all easily found here: Adventures with P!!!

Naturally, there’s a new gallery on my site here where all the Tamarindo photos can be found. It’s the Tamarindo gallery! Many more photos AND video coming.

Shower outside of Witch's Rock Surf Camp in Tamarindo.

Shower outside of Witch’s Rock Surf Camp in Tamarindo.

Butterflies Everywhere

About midway through our trip by boat from Montezuma to Herradura, P and I saw a butterfly fly by. Having just left the B&B and butterfly garden in Montezuma, we laughed about it as we passed by, imagining the conversation.

The butterfly would quickly yell out as we flew by each other, “Which way to the Mariposario?!”
“That way,” pointing to Montezuma, as the butterfly disappeared beyond the wake of the boat.

We laughed. But how seriously weird. It’s no small distance over that gulf and for a butterfly to be out about 15 kilometers away from the coast was just bizarre. After we reached land and once we got over to Jacó, that’s when I noticed there were butterflies everywhere. Everywhere. It wasn’t like a wide variety of species, though. They all seemed to look the same. Swallowtail. Black with blue and/or green markings.

You could look up in the sky at any point and in a matter of a minute, you’d see 20-30 butterflies, maybe more. All the way down to Manuel Antonio, the butterflies fluttered away. In no particular direction. They were simply everywhere. It’s raining this morning right now so I don’t know if it’s going to continue today. But its a very strange and beautiful thing.

Time and Space

Totally unrelated but during this trip with P, I shot about 200GB of raw photos and video. That’s a lot of data. Before the trip, I dumped all of my working data (about 100GB) out to my external drives where I keep my primary data so I would have enough space as we traveled around. It wasn’t a lot of space, I knew, but I could manage. I was already toting around all of my camera gear and laptop and wasn’t about to carry an external drive with me as well.

So during the trip, I had to do an unusual amount of data juggling and simply axing a lot of shots. No great loss. But I’m just now dumping the video from the GoPro and am beginning to compile those videos. I haven’t even pulled the card from my camera covering the last 24 hours in Manuel Antonio or Quepos.

Typically, I go through about a terabyte of data every 6 months. When I was in the States last, I meant to buy another hard-drive and it totally escaped me before leaving. I need to do a little shuffling this week, for sure. But I’m going to have to get another drive before long. I haven’t priced them out yet here in CR, so I’ll be curious to see what I can get one for here.

Cheers!  Beverages at Wild Panda in Tamarindo.

Cheers! Beverages at Wild Panda in Tamarindo.

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  • mkhallOct 04, 2013

    Are you traveling with a teenager, Scott? This woman looks awfully young to be associating with the likes of you. 😉

    • ScottOct 04, 2013

      Lol. Your name actually came up on the trip and I couldn’t remember if you two had ever met or not. But then, derp, of course you know each other.

  • Priscila LopesOct 04, 2013

    Haha I wish I was still a teen. Well, maybe not. But it’s a nice compliment so Thanks!!!!

  • John GroulsOct 10, 2013

    Scot I love your photos. I live in alajuela and I am retired here.YOU are a lucky man to have a beautiful chica, priscila to be wth yu. Pura vida

    • ScottOct 10, 2013

      Thank you, John! I’m forever grateful that Priscila and I have remained friends throughout the years. She’s one of my two favorite people on the planet. Her fiancé is a great guy and a lucky fellow.

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