So cute.  Independence Day 2013, Jacó, Costa Rica.

So cute. Independence Day 2013, Jacó, Costa Rica.


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Over the weekend, I found myself shooting some street photography and it was absolute bliss. There was a parade in town (as there were all across the land) celebrating Central America’s independence from Spain and it was pretty much the greatest parade I’ve ever seen. Nothing but kids marching down the street beating drums. In my mind, that’s a pretty good parade. I mean, floats are nice and everything, but this was refreshing. And then the final group in the parade, high school kids, seriously jammed.

Masked.  Independence Day 2013, Jacó, Costa Rica.

Masked. Independence Day 2013, Jacó, Costa Rica.

Little Drummer Children.  Independence Day 2013, Jacó, Costa Rica.

Little Drummer Children. Independence Day 2013, Jacó, Costa Rica.

The Band in Blue.  Independence Day 2013, Jacó, Costa Rica.

The Band in Blue. Independence Day 2013, Jacó, Costa Rica.

Despite the fact that it all took place under an unusually hot sun, the uniforms, the dancing, and the slow procession stopping every one-hundred feet provided absolute entertainment. And for me, I was just elated for the opportunity to shoot on the street. Outside of a parade, the street photography scene in Jacó doesn’t have a lot to offer. There’s another photographer in town whose work I admire and we were talking about the scene here and lamenting to one another about how it simply isn’t as rich on the streets as it is elsewhere. I think often about where I will go next in this country. The area around San José is high on the list simply for the photographic opportunity; it’s a gold mine there for street photography.

Off-topic. Anyway, the parade on Sunday morning was cool and I took photos. You can see all the photos here. Oh, too, here’s a short video from it as well.


The Woman Who Wasn’t There

True Story: while I was waiting for the parade to start, I noticed that a lot of the children in the crowd were dressed up for the event as well. As I stood on the sidewalk on Avenida Pastor Diaz, I was struck by a sight a little bit away: this adorable little girl dressed for the parade, holding hands with this gorgeous and voluptuous woman (presumably her mother) dressed in a tight miniskirt and heels. The two were at very different points along the spectrum of femininity yet intimately connected. Naturally, I had to photograph them. This was a story-telling, stellar portrait I could see in my mind. I quickly dug through my bag for a business card and bee-lined my way over to them, saying the words over and over the entire time so as not to completely flub it,

Perdón. Soy un fotógrafo profesional. ¿Puedo tomar su foto?
¿Puedo tomar su foto?

I caught up to the mother and child, got their attention, and spoke my words. Things didn’t quite work out as I planned. 🙂 The mother either assumed that I just wanted a photo of the little girl or didn’t want to be in the picture. She adjusted the girls stance and then moved to the side to look on. Doh! Since I couldn’t really just wing it here with the Spanish and wasn’t up for playing an awkward game of charades with the mom, I didn’t bother to pursue that photo op any farther. Too, the child was just so adorable that a shot by herself was already something I wanted to take before I even reached them. So I was able to get that. Hopefully her mom will see this and be pleased with it. Also, call me. Bow chicka wow wow. No, I kid. (Not really. Call me.)

Adorable.Independence Day 2013, Jacó, Costa Rica.

Adorable.Independence Day 2013, Jacó, Costa Rica.

So that’s that. I’m looking forward to the rest of this month. It’s going to be filled with wholly different photographic opportunities as one of my best friends on the planet comes to visit for two solid weeks. We’re planning to travel around the Nicoya Peninsula and along the central Pacific coast while she’s here. This is sort of a scouting mission for her. So in addition to all of the fun, I’m going to be documenting the whole experience here. Cannot wait until she gets here!!!

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