A more productive man MIGHT have planned his time more efficiently but it’s not like I have anything overly important to do.

My task list for today is as follows:

  • Get air in bicycle tire.
  • Seriously consider getting a haircut; possibly act on it.
  • Take photos.
  • Write.

Sadly, it’s almost noon already and I can’t leave yet since my laundry is hanging up everywhere, drying more slowly than normal. The spinner part of the semi-automatic washer here at the homestead is broken. So I had to wring everything out and all of my clothes are now suspended up around the apartment, across the front porch, and on the line beside my apartment, trying to hide from the gray skies looming overhead.

A more productive man MIGHT have done his laundry yesterday so that today he wasn’t left with one pair of sweatpants and one pair of linen pants, neither of which are task-list-appropriate. I’m going to do the easy thing, though, and just wait for the bathing suit to kind of dry, throw on a t-shirt, and that will do just fine. THEN I can get busy on that task list. Stupid semi-automatic washer.

Girl on a bed #217 (B-Side Edition)

Girl on a bed #217 (B-Side Edition)

In more entertaining news (really? my laundry and task list wasn’t entertaining?), I migrated a few more street +/ life photos from the old site over to this one. That’s a laundry day kind of task. I’m going to start migrating by primary tags, I think; that’s the easiest way. Also, I’ve been busy updating the fine art/erotica galleries. Eventually, I’ll have everything up here. Eventually.

In super cool news, I’m going to have my first friend come to visit next month!!! And one of my bestest friends at that! That’s going to be all kinds of awesome. We’re going exploring around the Nicoya Peninsula which will be pretty cool. But I’m most excited about two weeks of solid laughter and good times. You rock, P!

And in minor news, I’ve decided that I’m going to start surfing again. I have to take the board in to get a kind of massive ding repaired (and buy some wax) but I think it’s time that I get in the water. I know I’m going to be furious with myself for not doing it sooner once I ride that first wave, but I’ll find it in my heart to forgive myself I’m sure.

Lastly, you may have noticed the photos of the short white trucks here. They are entirely unrelated to anything. I just think they’re neat and look like Lil Tykes vehicles.


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