I don’t go out much at night. Ever. One of the things that keeps me from being social is that I’m not a really big drinker. I enjoy drinking with friends but most of my friends here are imaginary. And I frickin’ HATE buying rounds for the group when we go out. Cheap bastards.

I did go out recently, though, but it was mostly just to take photographs of Jacó at night.

“Here they are,” he says unenthusiastically after a very long day.

Every evening around dusk, there’s a great cacophony of birds screeching into the night. They line the wires in the city center at Calle Pops.

#937 (SC2 Edition)

Birds on wires as night falls – #937 (SC2 Edition)

There’s a young man that I’ve run into twice now while downtown. On this particular night, he was fairly drunk. I reminded him that we had met previously and that I remembered him telling me his father was a photographer. We spoke briefly about light.


Globes on a rainy night.

Later in the evening, I would run into him again and meet a friend of his, weaving hats from palms. A familiar site that I would see on any given day when I lived in South Beach. (I’ve yet to find the guy playing his pan flute alongside a background track. Or any of the rest of the cast of characters found on Lincoln Road.)

#142 (Tone Edition)

Weaving palm.

One of the highlights of the evening was running into this young woman, Sophia. She and her girlfriend stopped to ask me for cigarettes. We spoke briefly. Cute girl. Very friendly. Everyone should be so pleasant. Then she wanted a photo. Street portrait!! 🙂
Awwwww, almost like old times!! (I really need to migrate photos to this site. All of my stuff is just scattered.)

#70 (Black Edition)

Thanks, Sophia!

And, of course, a wandering mariachi band.

#118 (OD Edition)

I’m not going to apologize for the complete crappiness of this photo; you’re just going to have to deal with it like I am.

The City

I’ve thought often about the fact that I’ve really not photographed the town of Jacó very much at all. It’s mostly because I’ve not really felt pulled to do so. Photographically, there is nothing about the town that stands out from any great angle; it is one main street of hotels, shops, bars, and restaurants with roads extending perpendicularly out to Route 34. It’s not overly inspiring. Even though it IS a town in Costa Rica. I can only picture it appealing in tilt-shift.

It’s the details, always. And there are plenty of fascinating details here but I have yet to go out and spend a week or so photographing them. The graffiti, the abandoned buildings, the developing country architecture, the vibrant colors. All of these things are great but I simply haven’t made it a point to go out and shoot any of it.

Maybe next week.

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