Costa Rica Surfer girl Nataly Bernold!

Costa Rica Surfer girl Nataly Bernold!

Crikey, I’ve been spending too much time indoors. This week, though, I got to do something I’ve been trying to coordinate for weeks now: speak with and photograph a local surfer girl. A friend of mine was able to actually put me in touch with a local surfer and as it would turn out, it would be Nataly Bernold, a three-time Costa Rica national champion as well as a three-time Central American champion. So that was exceptionally, exceptionally cool. It didn’t hurt that she was as sweet a person as could be, either. Total pleasure meeting her and watching her surf.

I’ll publish that story here soon.

Life is sooooo much better when I’m out doing stuff and not sitting inside. So I’m going to replace the pedals on my bike today and maybe go do some stuff! Possibly. No, I’m definitely going out.

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