When I moved from the States, the vast majority of my material possessions came with me in four bags. One of the bags held a shoebox-sized collection of priceless items: items which I have acquired through the years having deep sentimental value and a total dollar value of about $0.50. The small size of this collection, of course, makes keeping these items with me (and transporting them to foreign lands) very easy. A lot of this knick-knackery and doo-daddery remains on the window sill in front of where I sit now, connecting me to different parts of my life. Other items are scattered around my small apartment; paper memorabilia (cards, printed pictures, etc.) I keep mostly in an increasingly bulky envelope.




The frog is slightly out of place here, having no real value, actually. The card with the special bookmarker contains receipts from special outtings.

I’ve never been one to keep a lot of things, really. These items are the only items I have of any real value. Though if I were to be robbed and, for whatever crazy reason, I were to lose all of these small items, it would be no tremendous loss. They only symbolize what I hold in my memories and for now, my memory is mostly intact.


“Do not give up.” A small magnet that Zachary made as a small child; it has been on every fridge I’ve had since.

Back in the mid 90s, when I started my career in the corporate world, I decided to never clutter my workspace (whether it was simply a desk in a broom closet or a large corner office with windows) with personal effects. That decision, though, had less to do with living minimally so much as it did with my reasoning that if I were to ever be fired, I didn’t want to walk out with a box of stuff. I would simply walk out like it was just another day at the office. Head held high, avoiding any uncomfortable awkwardness with others.

I was never fired from any job, though. In fact, for the most part, employers loved me. I always just lived in a state of paranoia in the workplace.

Off track entirely. But it doesn’t matter; there’s really no point to this. I only wanted to share with you photos of trinkets and such that mean a great deal to me. These few items transport me to the beauty behind them. When I look at the lot of them, I smile. Because all in all, I’ve had a pretty fortunate life filled with love and beauty and insanity and laughter.


I need to tidy up the arrangement a little.

Completely aside but to give you an idea of my level of crazy, I have actually re-potted these fabric flowers three times now since being in Costa Rica. I mean, it’s the same original pot that Ginger crafted, but I have filled it up with dirt three times now. Twice when I lived in Herradura and then once after relocating here to Jacó. There WERE very logical reasons for replacing the dirt for these flowers. Seriously.

As for why I keep them by window? For sunlight, obviously.

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