A couple of days ago, I went to the rocky coast between here and Hermosa (Playa Hermosa, really, but locals just call it Hermosa) to get some sunset photos from a different vantage point. I decided to take long exposure shots to go for that cloud over rocks look. I’m rather pleased with the results.


Clouds over rocks #396 (Pacific coast, Costa Rica)


Clouds over rocks #397 (Pacific coast, Costa Rica)


Clouds over rocks #400 (Pacific coast, Costa Rica)


Clouds over rocks #405 (Pacific coast, Costa Rica)

Bonus for the Scrollers in the Bunch!

Oh, here are some other photos I took while venturing out the other day.


Some pretty sweet graffiti at the bus stop / main overlook point.

This is the view from a little hill that extends out to the cliff. Obviously, I’m a lot less terrified of heights these days.


A pretty great view.


Not the time to feel woozy.

Here’s a short video I shot from that same location:

Double bonus!

Honestly, I can never get enough of the rocks on the coastline. When I sit there and watch the waves crashing one after another against the rocks, I have a deep appreciation for this world. It’s mind-boggling to me, how little I know of it. Still, I’m grateful I can experience such natural beauty.


One beautiful moment after another.

Here’s some very soothing video of waves crashing on rocks. Upfront, I’ll apologize for the brief moments of shake. When I go out like this, I rarely take my tripod. So I do a balancing act on whatever is around. In this case, wet rocks. Still… soothing.

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