Oh my god, it’s been so long since we’ve talked!! We need to catch up!!!!!!

It hasn’t been that long, really. I’ve been engaged in a few different adventures though, so I haven’t been writing here lately. And to clarify (though anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows this), the word adventure for me means doing something. Anything. Anything at all apart from staring at this screen as I’m doing right this moment. So don’t expect a whole lot out of what follows. There isn’t that much real adventure.

Shaping surfboards

Last week I spent some time with Carton of Carton Surfboards, chilling out and watching him shape surfboards. (Adventure!!) And watching his dog surf. That was an altogether good time. It was fun for me because I got an inside look at a business I knew nothing about and all the while got to hang out with a very cool guy. And he has excellent taste in music; I learned this as his stereo pumped out great tunes the entire time I was shooting him.


Naturally, the photos can be found in the galleries here.

Where I’m at with the whole monkey situation

I’ve been out two additional times searching for Twelve Monkeys. I actually found them. I’ve seen them eating and jumping between the trees. Like so:

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

However, I’m holding off on writing a followup piece until my attempt at going all Jane Goodall with them takes and I’m able to get a solid photo-op of me sitting on a makeshift jungle-y throne with a crown on my head and monkeys everywhere.

Not really on that part. Without a doubt that would be tremendously awesome(!!), and I could check it off my list of things to do in life. But I DO need better photos. I need to get closer. So I’m waiting for that. I know where they are and monkeys tend to stick to their areas so it’s a question of me getting my act together one morning to go up there.

The Dengue, the Lime, and the Green Bee

Dengue Fever is out of control in Costa Rica. Two of my neighbors have had it since I’ve lived here. My father was planning a trip here at the end of this month but I had to discourage him from that because I don’t want to put him at risk. A recent discussion with some people led to someone offering up that lime with cloves was a good mosquito repellant. I went to snopes to see if there was any validity to that and it seemed to be unconfirmed. So I decided to give it a try. My results have been inconclusive. If there had only been a swarm of mosquitoes outside waving little white flags, I could probably say that, “Yes, a lime with cloves works.” However, that didn’t happen.

What DID happen, though, was that as soon as I put this little thing together, a shiny, metallic green bee descended onto the cloves like it was crack. He was so into it that I could actually touch him while he was munching away. I don’t know if he OD’d on the cloves or what but after that, he never came back. Here’s a video.

Rocks and Models

The other day I was out and discovered a nice little plateau over the ocean where the waves were crashing.

Oh my god, not more rocks and waves, Scott!!

Yeah, sorry. But this place was really cool. And rather than just dump out some shots of it as I’ve done in the past, I decided to do take the series of photos I shot and cram them all into a slideshow of sorts so you can see what it’s like. By the way, the last frame in this? I got soaked, head to toe. But not before frantically jerking my body around and balling myself up over my camera. I’m sure the two guys fishing there got a good laugh out of that moment. ALL of that ocean spray rained down on me. Fun! And THAT was like an adventure! See? I do some adventuresome stuff!!

Somewhat related to this, Costa Rica provides incredible backdrops for shooting models. Both natural backdrops and man-made backdrops. I’m likely going to do another model shoot this week (with, yet again, another American). There is one location that I’m saving for what I feel certain will be one of my best shoots. It will either be fashion or nudes or, most likely both. For this model, though, I’m looking at two different spots and trying to decide. This plateau would be one of those. Though I really hate to shoot on the rocks again right now.

#905 (UC7 Edition)

Oh. I’ve been updating the model galleries with older shoots. I’m really looking forward to the galleries being dominated by shoots in Costa Rica as opposed to shoots from Miami. Still, there are lots of photos from various shoots which I’m very pleased with in there. I’m just anxious to make use of the scenery here for some stellar model work.

Classification: Expat Blogger

So now that I’m living abroad and writing about my experiences, I fall into the category of expat blogger. Which is kinda cool, I suppose. I’m not really doing anything different than I’ve ever done; I’m still just documenting life around me. But since I’m living abroad, there’s a certain segment of the general population who are interested in life documented abroad. Good luck finding anything worthwhile here, people! It’s all monkeys and butterflies and macaws and waves and… well, that pretty much covers it.

Still, I’ve taken the time to register this site with a few places that highlight the expat lifestyle. (Check the sidebar for lovely little badges indicating where I’m a member.) I’ve filled out a written interview for one of them and am actually in the middle of doing another one which is going horribly. I have a really hard time answering the question of why I moved here. It’s like when people ask, “Where are you from?” It’s an answer that you don’t always want to delve into. Only now, the complications are all inside my head and have nothing to do with geography. I think I’m just going to go with my standard, “Why not” answer. It’s true enough and good enough. And really, why not?

Which reminds me… if you want to do something cool, you COULD leave a nice little comment and rating on Expats Blog about my site. They do an annual best of award thing which would mean I could stick a fancy badge on the side of my site! That’s colored gold or silver or bronze or something!!

Do it for my inner child. Because all he ever gets is participation awards. Which are great and all, but you know… they totally aren’t great and actually suck.

Seriously, don’t just do it for that reason. Do it because I’m awesome. Or don’t. You definitely, though, should head over to the sites noted in the sidebar. There are a lot of interesting blogs written by expats all over the world. So it’s a nice diversion which may lead you to all kinds of wonderful.

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