Good light is a good thing.

Today, I bought a hotplate, a 4-cup coffee maker, and some dish towels. I also splurged and bought myself a locally made $30 lamp.

I’ve moved into a new place in Costa Rica. An efficiency apartment in Jacó, to be accurate. Looking out my large front (and only) window, an almond tree fills the front yard. I paid my first month’s rent this morning which came out to an amount that is redonkulously low. Like $250 low. This is well under 1/3 of what I paid in South Beach for a studio apartment. And it’s bigger. Certainly, there’s a little bit of a layout to this place which is nice. I could not stand the simple squareness of my apartment in South Beach.

How I got here

How did I find this place? Word of mouth. When I was coming back to CR, my first objective was to find a place to stay in Jacó. So before getting to the airport, I had decided that I wanted to stay at Hotel Kangaroo (which I had passed an innumerable amount of times on the bus ride from Herradura to Jacó) while I searched for a place. It had an aesthetic I just found attractive. It’s part hostel, part not hostel. While I was there, visitors came and went. The staff there is super, super nice. Super awesome. Very, very, very laidback. Pura vida, through and through.

Anyway, I asked Brian who works there if he knew of any rentals in the southern part of Jacó because I really preferred this side of town. He put me in touch with a guy who just happened to live in a place that had a vacancy. The next day, I met the guy, and he said that if I had called directly from out of the blue it was unlikely that I would get in because they’re very particular about who they let in. They just tell people there isn’t room. Brian had called my new neighbor, though, told them I was a photographer and, I guess, that I seemed like a decent fellow. There aren’t enough words for me to thank both Brian and the staff at Hotel Kangaroo for making my re-entry into the country absolutely perfect.

So you’re living large then, Scott?

Ha. Oh, you’re silly. No, I’m living la pura vida. 🙂

There are some “luxuries” that I’m sacrificing in living here. These, I list here for your convenience. Mainly because I’m getting better and better at making lists and want to show you how well I can use the bullet point.

  • I don’t have hot water. A lot of places don’t in CR so I was somewhat spoiled when I had it in my last residence. I was just talking to a friend of mine here from Colombia, and she was laughing asking, “What is it with Americans and their hot water?!” I’m okay with it.
  • I don’t have my own laundry machine in the apartment but there’s a machine just outside the apartment for the neighbors and I. Again, I was spoiled in my last residence having my own washing machine (though, like most people living here, I was line-drying everything). I didn’t have the luxury of my own private washer/dryer in South Beach, either.
  • I don’t have a stove but I haven’t used a stove in years; I only used the burners to cook. So that’s not really a sacrifice for me as I’ll still able to cook exactly as I have, though the lack of a conventional stove would be an inconvenience for some.
  • No dishwasher? This doesn’t really qualify as a sacrifice either since I’ve been washing dishes by hand for so many years now that a machine to do it is most certainly a luxury item to me.

There’s a bed, a mini-fridge, and the kitchenette has a nice counter-top bar from which I am now typing this as I sit on one of the two beautifully handcrafted wooden bar stools that came with the apartment.

The bathroom isn’t large but the shower is kind of big. I’m thinking of repainting the place, though it is a lovely tropical blue. I purchased some bright towels in complementary colors.

To many, I’m sure this sounds absolutely horrible. Especially to friends my age or older who have spent some portion of their adult lives in a state of constant acquisition. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I love me some products and goods and services. Luxurious living can be awesome. Simpler is more my style, though. I’ve been living a pretty minimalist lifestyle for years now. It’s been a good number of years since I sort of checked out. So my current situation… where I live now? This is pretty much perfect for me.

And it’s enough space even to have guests visit or stay! People over for dinner. To my friends from 900 Meridian, the community here has that same type of feel. Warm, neighborly, everyone watching out for each other.

Oh. Yeah. I counted earlier today. It is exactly 100 steps from my front door to the sands of the beaches of Costa Rica. So there’s that.

I have to go now, it looks like. A neighbor just arrived and it’s apparently time to socialize with my new, rather awesome neighbors from around the globe.

Unrelated but awesome… Here’s a photo of a coffee mug that Rex was so kind to send to me back in the US. Thanks Rex! You rock!! The note means as much to me as the coffee mug itself. 🙂
Coffee Cup 425

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