#381 (BW Edition)
Today is my birthday. Much like my 40th birthday which I spent somewhere in a forest in Alabama or Georgia Mississippi, I’m alone. Sure, I have neighbors, and a female did spend the night last night, but it’s even worse being alone when you’re around people. And the female was the neighbor’s dog who just happened to take refuge here while it stormed through the night. Until 3:38am when she started whining to go out, realizing the rain had stopped. (The neighbor is on vacation.)

Still, it’s my day. I’ve been getting birthday wishes from all my friends and family on Facebook. And I treated myself to a nice breakfast out this morning. And even though it’s cloudy, I’m going to go to the beach and relax. I’m not going to spend all day in front of this computer.

I want to share three notes from yesterday.

  1. I had the first model shoot I’ve had since being here. Bikini shoot. It went pretty well. A lot of the better photos I won’t be releasing as the shoot was done for stock photography purposes primarily. Oh, and here are some odds for you: The first model I photographed in Costa Rica happened to be an American who, when sending sample photos for consideration for the shoot, included one that had a backdrop that I swear looked like an alley in South Beach. As it turns out, she has shot in South Beach numerous times.
  2. I was shown two insanely cool locations yesterday. Never before have I ever seen a location and thought, “I’m not telling anyone about this spot.” Until yesterday. Just ridiculously amazing. I cannot wait to shoot there. They’re gorgeous by themselves, but they are definitely, definitely model shoot locations. Crazy, crazy cool.
  3. I felt my first earthquake yesterday. I was sitting here, at the bar, and all of a sudden everything (including me) started rocking back and forth. In a second, it was over. Was glad to finally experience my first earthquake.

So that’s it. Most importantly, it’s my birthday. I’m going to party like it’s my birthday. And by party I mean, try to not be my normal socially awkward self, although, it’s really irrelevant since the only person I’m going to be socializing with today will be me. I’m good in conversations with myself. So I’ve got this!

Happy birthday, me!
Why thank me very much!

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  • Chris in MiamiJun 24, 2013

    Happy Birthday Dude! It looks like things are going well. I thought the tree with the macaws in front of your place sounded (no pun intended) like an interesting visual. Take care of yourself.


    • ScottJun 26, 2013

      Thanks, Chris! Yeah, there are great visuals everywhere you turn here.

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