At Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica.

I’ve been here in my new place just over a week now. I’m fairly comfortable. All of my neighbors are still friendly; my first impressions were pretty accurate. I still remain fairly introverted and keep to myself though since I’m not the best at starting conversations. I’m just dorky.

I thought I was going to go out for a refresher surf lesson this morning with one of my neighbors but he went down to Playa Hermosa. I’m anxious now to surf. It’s ridiculous not to. I’m 100 steps from the beach. In Costa Rica. I have a surfboard.

Surfing is such a positive experience, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I’m ready to shift my mind back to that more pure place.

I’ve been doing a little photography of the surf scene here, including a trip down to Hermosa the other day. It’s sooooo nice being on this side of Jacó. It couldn’t have taken me twenty minutes to ride there by bike.

In other news, I’m going to start working with McKee Jaco a local outfit that helps with the animals that can’t help themselves, finding foster homes for strays and providing health care and adoption services. I’m going to take photos of the animals with the hopes that they will be of some use.

Here is a scarlet macaw in the almond tree out front, eating some almonds. Late yesterday afternoon, about thirty of them flew into another almond tree just down the road. It was too far away for me to shoot, though, and I wasn’t really feeling the whole lugging of tripod and camera down there. But it was pretty cool. Like twenty to thirty macaws in a tree, jumping back and forth from branch to branch, nibbling, and then flying out en masse. At some point, I’ll get that video.

Oh, completely unrelated. There will be no Historical Tour, Part 2. Which bums me out. Some of the most personally meaningful photos I’ve taken over the year (Zach’s graduation, the trip with my dad, photos of the little church where my parents got married) got accidentally wiped. All of the originals, gone. That was kind of a bummer when I realized that.

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  • RickJun 18, 2013

    So sorry about the photos, Scott. Man, I was looking to Part II.

    • ScottJun 18, 2013

      Me, too. Thanks for the condolences, Rick. I have a couple of photos that I had saved off early and sent through email before I ever I lost the data so I have those, at least.

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