Today is Tuesday. I’m certain of it. Because I gave myself until today to get settled into my new environment. Which means tomorrow, I do some REAL things. Or at least begin to focus on real things.

Yesterday, late in the afternoon, I went out to see what the surf scene looked like at this end of the beach. The oceanfront here is long enough that you can’t see people in the water halfway down the beach. So I didn’t think there was anything going on here. I learned otherwise after moving in. All of my neighbors surf. They all are aware of when high tide is. One of my neighbors has kindly offered to give me a refresher lesson. Which is great. So this end of the beach is a very local surf scene, not the tourist crowd that you find in the center of the beach.

Anyway, went to the beach and took horrible photos. It was overcast, late in the day, and I was entirely distracted by the debris floating everywhere, a result of the torrential downpour the night prior. (Sorry, surfers. Next time.)

I did get a cute photo of a dog, though.

Also, something strange happened while I was back in the states. The air became filled with these little flying bugs. I don’t know what they are. They don’t bite or anything. They just fly in silly patterns. They’ve eased off in the past day, but a couple of days ago, they were everywhere.

And then this. I’ve commented elsewhere about how common the scarlet macaws are here; they’re not a rare sighting. Especially not in my current locale. The almond tree in the front yard seems to be a popular spot for them as they fly into it on a daily basis. So here’s a video shot from my porch.

My neighbors, I think, were mildly amused by me photographing and shooting video of something they’re so accustomed to seeing. And I’m pretty much accustomed to them, too. Especially to their insanely loud squawking; it just fades into the background. But you don’t see a lot of videos of scarlet macaws, though. Photos, yes. Video, not so much. So that was the impetus for shooting this. The second clip in the video is a little out of focus. Plus there’s no sound because I was talking to one of my neighbors at the time and it was a ridiculous conversation. Sorry about these two items. I’ll get better video next time. Promise.

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