"Personal Space!"

“Personal Space!”

When I moved to Costa Rica, I rediscovered the joy of listening to music out loud. In my old apartment, I tried to be as quiet as I could so I wouldn’t disturb the girl who lived beneath me. So I listened to music through headphones. And I watched movies and shows over the internet via headphones. Sometimes, I would get an itch to hear music out loud at home so I would take off the headphones, and turn up the stereo to a level where I could enjoy it. Not too loud but loud enough.

But now I’m in a house with a yard and so I don’t share walls with anyone. I have space. 🙂 Since my collection in iTunes is somewhat eclectic, I created a relaxing little playlist and burned CDs so I could sit out on the porch and relax.

So now you get the complete picture of what my life is like here in the shade of the porch: Butterflies in the almond tree, birds singing and flying through the yards and over the wires, surfing and exotic photos and videos on the laptop, and this music… pura vida indeed. 🙂

(Sadly, there’s one song missing and it’s one of my favorites! And the worst part is, I have no idea what the name of the song is so I can’t find it online to legitimize it. It was off a mix CD that I had years ago. If you know what this is, please tell me!)

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Hello, I'm Scott. I take photos. Do things. Whatnot. Mixed Digital Media Artist.

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