Life in the almond tree #839
I used to think that reliable internet access was the one luxury that I took for granted the most about my previous life. It isn’t.

Basic infrastructure services. THAT is what I took for granted the most. Heavy rains bring power outages. And when the electricity goes, everyone in the neighborhood seems to run to the water faucet and use up all the water. So no electricity, no running water.

Currently, I’m waiting for whatever tank holds the water supply to fill back up so it will dispense water beyond the drizzle that’s coming out now. Up until about twenty minutes ago, the pipes were dry. Now, water drips out. Oh, whoops. My mistake. It’s back to being dry.

The electricity was only out for two hours! Geez, people! πŸ™‚

I’m sure I’m not the first to do so, but I’m seriously considering changing my new theme song to Here Comes the Rain Again by the Eurythmics.

Erin over at De La Pura Vida actually just wrote about some of the trade-offs to life in Costa Rica. A good read. Suggested.

(Photo unrelated.)

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  • ErinMay 07, 2013

    Man it’s amazing how different the problems are in each little town. Apparently the water in my town gets cut off every single April, but we don’t lose electricity for longer than 2 minutes at a time. The town right down the road from me never loses electricity or water. When I lived in Cariari, we would lose electricity for hours, but never water. And in Alajuela, we lost both, a lot. Now I’m hearing you lose water when the electricity goes out?

    …keep those buckets full! pura vida πŸ™‚

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