While waiting at the busstop today to go to Jacó, a Blue-crowned Motmot flew into sight and perched close to me. (Birds are so much easier to identify than insects.) Absolutely beautiful. I grabbed the camera out of my bag as quickly as I could, scared that it would fly off.

Blue-crowned Motmot  #98

Blue-crowned Motmot #98

It flew around the tree and then the bus came into view meaning I had about 30 seconds. I quickly changed lenses and carefully walked around the tree to see if I could find the motmot and capture it before I had to leave. Got it. Thrilled.

Blue-crowned Motmot #105

Blue-crowned Motmot #105

Living here in Costa Rica there honestly is just so much beauty and color and diversity in the flora and fauna that it’s very easy to appreciate it all. Everything is exotically wonderful.

A friend was telling me tonight that she’s worried about her child. That he was in a dark and sad place. I wish that weren’t the case. It’s easy for me here to see the beauty in life. If I could be granted one wish it would be that everyone could so easily see the beauty in life and through that find peace and love.

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