Moon at dawn #622

Moon at dawn #622

I’ve commented often on the sounds that surround us. One of the many things I enjoy about Costa Rica is the change in aural stimuli. In the outskirts of Herradura, it is especially peaceful. Below is an audio clip from mornings in the barrio where I lived for the prior three months. (While this can be heard alone in any number of the videos I’ve posted on YouTube, I wanted to isolate the audio specifically.)

On a trip to San Jose, I recorded video and audio of the streets. The video proved mostly worthless, but the audio… the audio is wonderful. Every city has a soul of its own. A rhythm to it. I like what’s going on in San Jose. From vendors to trumpets to carhorns. It’s lovely.

(Photo unrelated. The moon, closing out the night, as it disappears behind the clouds on the horizon at daybreak.)

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