Zach’s vacation in Costa Rica ended yesterday and he’s back in the states now. It was an awesome week, to put it mildly.

Did we do anything spectacular? Not really. Zach surfed. I photographed him. We had two days where we pretty much did nothing substantial, except some bike-riding and hanging out at the beach. To recap, this was exactly what we did:

Friday, March 29: Arrival. Hang out in San Jose for a couple of hours, come home to Herradura. Get dinner.
Saturday, March 30: Surf at Playa Jacó. Drinks at sunset at Playa Herradura, listening to karaoke en español at La Puesta del Sol. Relax.
Surfing #842
Sunset. Check.
(Don’t hassle me about the colors. The sun was way down and I was lazy.)

Sunday, March 31: Surf at Playa Hermosa. Relax.
Resting #339

Monday, April 1: Day of rest. Bicycle ride. Relax.
No bull.

Tuesday, April 2: Surfing, Playa Jacó. Fancy-schmancy dinner at Playa Herradura. Relax.

Wednesday, April 3: Surfing, Playa Jacó. Relax.

Thursday, April 4: Day of rest. Dinner and drinks down on the beach at Playa Herradura. Relax.

Friday, April 5: Surfing, Playa Jacó. Relax.
Taking photos in the yard.
Water on leaves #73

Saturday, April 6: Trip to San Jose for his departure. And we got a photo together finally.

All of the days we went to Jacó or Hermosa, those were bike rides. The days of rest were days he was exhausted. 🙂 It sounds like very little but it’s a complete immersion here. Every little thing is an adventure. Going to the market. Figuring out where we can catch the bus. Discovering a panaderia that has the most awesome desserts ever. His confusion over bulls looking like cows and cows looking like bulls here. Hearing his analysis of the trucks in Costa Rica. Riding to the beach for drinks. Watching tour groups act very tour-groupie. It was awesome. We had such a fun time.

One night, we didn’t really know what we wanted to do for dinner and we were at the supermercado picking up some groceries. There happens to be a Pizza Hut in the same little plaza and so we picked up a couple of personal pans and took them home. (I know, I felt guilty.) Of course, there’s absolutely no difference in taste from any Pizza Hut in the US since it’s all very manufactured. And what did we do at home that night? Watched Netflix. We joked about how he would describe his vacation in Costa Rica: eating at a Pizza Hut and watching Netflix. Totally amazing.

Seriously, though… he was as amazed as I first was about the selection of movies on Netflix here. As an example, we watched three movies while he was here in the evenings: 300, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Seven Psychopaths. Yeah, take that America!!

But it was just so much fun. I felt like a complete boob on Friday because it was pouring rain and we were both sitting around and he asked me how to photograph rain drops. And it was only then that it dawned on me that I should have been teaching him how to use his new DSLR. But it was great. We took a lot of photos of rain drops, the mangoes in the tree, and water on leaves while I offered the basics in terms of technical set up and composition. He had shown me a bunch of photos he had taken with his camera earlier in the week and he’s got the eye, for sure. And he took some cool shots in the yard. I gave him my older 50mm f1.8 lens to keep and use.

He talked to his girlfriend nearly every day but that was about 5 minutes out of the day. The rest of the time, it was just the two of us, hanging out in Costa Rica. The dream that came to life. Cannot WAIT until he comes back.
Photo together!

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  • RickApr 07, 2013

    Perfect. He’ll always remember this…but you already know that.


    • ScottApr 08, 2013

      Yes. Yes he will. 🙂 I hope.

      He’s got the photos and videos of him surfing and lounging in Costa Rica to last a lifetime if he doesn’t. 🙂

      Thanks Rick. Your comment made me smile.

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