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So it’s Monday now. And I’ve just gotten around to finishing the photos from last Thursday and Friday in San Jose and have put them in the gallery located here.

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I’ve broken out a subset of photos from the gallery into a separate galley entitled The Desolate City, featuring a mostly vacant San Jose. The Desolate City is featured here.

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I’ve made another gallery which contains only images centered around the Semana Santa procession/festival in downtown. That gallery is featured here.

Make sure you DO check just the San Jose gallery here, though, as there are photos that aren’t specific to either of these collections.

Also, here’s a video which is a short collection of clips strung together from Semana Santa in San Jose. And it it NOT in HD. Why? Because it’s 3.5 minutes long and that would take me six weeks to upload. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

Oh, and here’s a video from yesterday’s excursion out to Playa Hermosa with the boy. I rested in the shade for a bit and then recorded some troublesome ants. 🙂

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