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And then he surfed some more. 🙂

After a day of riding the waves at Jacó, we made the decision that we should definitely go to Playa Hermosa down the coast. So yesterday, we got on our bikes, put the surfboard in the side bike rack, and rode to Playa Hermosa. Got there (eventually), Zach surfed, then we came home.

Then he decided that we shouldn’t do anything today to give his muscles a break.

I remember that feeling. It was a month ago for me. April 1st marked one month since I arrived in Costa Rica. 🙂

Photos of Zach in the Playa Hermosa gallery.

And here’s a non-HD video. Turn up the resolution on it to 480 and then look above Zach’s arm at the 55 second mark. That’s a stingray jumping out of the water. A stingray. From the beach, I saw three clear jumps out of the water. Looked like they got about 5 feet in the air. Never in my life have I seen a stingray jump out of the water.

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