Terraza del Pacifico, 100mts

Worth the ride: The final hill, going down, into Playa Hermosa.

Was it a slow week? It felt like a slow week. Outside of the exciting ATV/dirtbike excursion up into the mountains, not a whole lot happened. I took care of some business. Went to Playa Hermosa today and then to Playa Jacó to photograph surfers and there was virtually nobody in the water. Crazy.

I revamped my professional photography site into a design I’m finally completely satisfied with. I look like the professional I am, for once. 🙂 I kind of need to do something about the front page being blank but not sure what I want to put there, really. A good friend of mine thought I was worth “WAAAAAAY” more than what I was charging. I don’t disagree with that. But it’s a question of pricing to the locale and I want to make it so that people CAN buy happiness with their money.

Check it out! PuraVidaFotos.com


In related news, I’ve opened a store on CafePress where you can buy merchandise! Cafe Pura Vida!

Two of my favorite items are the floral flip flops and the floral calendar. The calendar was the impetus for opening the store, actually. I made it specifically for my mom. It’s the least I could do for all the grief I’ve caused her, being me. 🙂

When I moved to Costa Rica, I knew it caused my parents great concern. Especially since I didn’t have an address, had a phone that didn’t accept international calls/texts, and knew absolutely nobody who they could contact in case of emergency. And why on earth did I move here? Anyway, I didn’t want them to worry so I made a dedicated effort to be in regular contact with them. And then I began to see pretty flowers everywhere and I knew my mom would love them. So I started photographing flowers for my mom. And once I hit twelve, I made a calendar for her.

One’s already been shipped to her and should be waiting on her when she gets back from her trip. I do love my mom. And dad. They’re pretty great.


In other news, I have a friend in the Dominican Republic who is launching a new line of swimwear/surfwear/divewear and it looks like I’m going to shoot some photos here in Costa Rica for their online catalog . Which is totally cool. After a somewhat involved effort to get introduced to a local model, we finally met today. With someone there between us to translate. She would be great to shoot, I do believe. Great enthusiasm, friendly smile.

That’s really it. I’ve updated a few of the galleries with new photos.

At sunset, over the rooftops, walking home yesterday.

At sunset, over the rooftops, walking home yesterday.

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