I love going grocery shopping here. The first time I went it was challenging since, you know, most items are labeled en español and yo sólo hablo un poco de español. Of course, even going through the produce section was an adventure. (“I should google images of Costa Rican fruit and vegetables when I get home and see if that’s something I might like. Also, how to eat it.”)

The manufacturers are different. The packaging is different. And often, the products are just different.


Leche. I knew this before I even got here! Take that, Spanish! But even if I didn’t… It looks familiar. It’s found in the dairy section. And it says “Milk” on the front. Bam!

That I can tell, Dos Pinos is the major dairy/juice product manufacturer in the country. I’ve even seen their big facility in the big city!!

This is what's up.

This is what’s up. As someone who has had a lifelong love of Nesquik, imagine my surprise to discover that you can get that chocolatey goodness in cereal form! Spoiler alert: it takes like Cocoa Puffs.

And here I’d like to point out that everything looks okay with the bunny. Bunny seems normal. Doesn’t have any kind of noticeable anger issues. But these guys…

Choco Krispis de Melvin.

Choco Krispis de Melvin. Look at those eyes!! And more specifically, the eyebrows. Maybe it’s just me, but Melvin seems serious about wanting to make sure I eat that cereal. And… what the hell is he wearing?!

Spanish Tony looks like he's going to beat the crap out of me if I don't eat his cereal!

Spanish Tony looks like he’s going to beat the crap out of me if I don’t eat his cereal!

Yes!  You're right, Tony!  They're greaaaaat, Tony!  Here's my lunch money, Tony!

Yes! You’re right, Tony! They’re greaaaaat, Tony! Here’s my lunch money, Tony!

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m finally going bat-sh#t crazy living alone in Costa Rica. Maybe I have too much time on my hands. (What’s that, Wilson? No, just let me finish… Wilson, let me finish thi… I swear on all things holy I am going to put a hole in you!!)



Huevos. This is how they are packaged. Whether it’s in the big supermercado, the mini-super, or the back of the Egg Man’s truck. I really need to get audio and video of the early, early mornings here when Egg Man drives through the barrio. You can hear him five streets over.

Mmmmmmm...... Lizano.

Mmmmmmm…… Lizano.

Lizano, the Nutella of Costa Rica,

I just love this brand name.

I just love this brand name.

Corn tortilla chips.  How exotic!  No?  Okay, no.

Corn tortilla chips. How exotic! No? Okay, no.

This is delicious.  Very, very delicious. Very. Delicious.

This is delicious. Very, very delicious. Very. Delicious.

That’s it for now. Nothing crazy exotic here, but I do enjoy the shift in products before me. And even though I do have some very sugary items on display here, my diet is actually much healthier these days. It’s much easier to eat healthier here, really. And I make an effort. Which is good.

And in truth, I really did buy the cereals JUST to photograph them. That I devoured the contents of those boxes is beside the point.

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  • KathyApr 30, 2013

    you do have a lot of time on your hands are……..you……….talking to yourself more or about average?

    • ScottMay 01, 2013

      I aim for average but it’s a losing battle. With a mind that wanders and nobody to express myself to, I catch myself actually speaking out loud sometimes when nobody is around. 😐

      • Kathy PayneMay 07, 2013

        We call that crazy on the street but I do it all the time and I’m not crazy so go for it, talk incessantly if you must 🙂

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