With the exception of the trip to Carara National Park, I’ve been spending a lot of time around the house lately. I’m always fascinated by the variety of butterflies and bugs that appear just here in the yard. Even as I type, I can see at least 10 different kinds of insects of various shapes and sizes flittering about in the almond tree next to me. Bees are always so busy. You never hear about how they spend their leisure time.

"Personal Space!"

“Personal Space!”

At rest #423

At rest #423

The past couple of days, it’s been raining pretty heavily. And I’ve learned something about the rain. It brings out all kinds of creatures not normally seen. For instance, there’s a massive (like the size of softball) frog that’s been hopping onto the porch in the evenings. I haven’t gotten a picture yet because he’s dark brown and he always appears at night and I’m not going to run get a spotlight just to photograph him. Besides, he would just hop away.

But this guy came out yesterday afternoon and I had to photograph him. So I placed him on top of the bike to keep him busy while I ran inside to get the camera. By the time I got back, he was already running away. Even the creepy crawlies are crazy beautiful here.

Creepy crawly #490

Creepy crawly #490

So it’s been raining a lot. Rain dripping from the tin roof onto the porch…

A bird shaking it off during a break…

Rain just everywhere…

A couple of days ago during a break, I rode my bike up to the corner market and noticed that the clouds were laying low on the mountains. Just beautiful.

After the rain #482

After the rain #482

And then the lightning storms afterwards in the evenings.

It’s been just so beautiful. And also so much cooler. Which is nice. 🙂

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  • RickApr 21, 2013

    Love these videos, Scott. Simple pleasures.


    • ScottApr 21, 2013

      Thanks, Rick. For sure, it’s been a lot of simple pleasures lately. It’s been very nice. 🙂

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