Totally dinosaurish, in name and appearance. This little fellow is THE lizard king around here. So far, I’ve identified two in the barrio. I haven’t seen this one haul butt like the other one. But why would it need to run anywhere? Nobody’s going to mess with it. But it’s crazy watching them run. It’s like they fly almost.

From wikipedia…

The world record sprint speed for lizards (21.5 miles/h or 34.6 km/h) was attained by the Costa Rican spiny-tailed iguana (Ctenosaura similis).

This was yesterday in the yard. Saw him digging around in some grass clippings so I went in to grab the camera. The only reason he ever left is because I got too close. I was trying to get him to move in the direction of the camera but he chose instead to hop onto the neighbor’s roof. Which you can hear in the video. But he stayed in that same spot on the wall for about 15 minutes.

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