Yesterday? Playa Jacó for surf shots. Hundreds of shots. One cool tourist from Israel. Two very awesome local surfers who I met. Another one who I didn’t. And then a fifth guy who I only got one shot of since he was a little farther down. Playa Jacó is 3 kilometers of beach. Surf schools all over. Am I planning to do a lot of surf photography? Yes. Yes I am.

I’m going to upload a lot of the photos from yesterday into the galleries but for now (Galleries updated!), here are just a handful.

Stefano and Sebastian dominated the waves where I was. Awesome. Even wiping out spectacularly. And here’s one thing I love about surfing: you wipe out and you land in the ocean.

Surfing #189
Surfing #333

Surfing #208
Surfing #316

This guy I didn’t meet and he left before I had a chance to thank him for both letting me take his photo and for the entertainment and also to find out how I could get the photos to him. Doh.
Surfing #44

Itay. Visiting from Israel. Cool guy, fun to shoot since he was just having a blast riding waves!
Surfing #931

And this guy appeared in the distance and then I don’t know if he went in or what.
Surfing #242

And then, in the middle of all this awesome surfing going on, I turn toward the beach so I can shade the LCD monitor and review some photos and I see this.

Riding on the beach #55
You can ride horses on the beach. That seems pretty awesome. 🙂

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