[Awesome Update]: Today when I got home, I learned that my little friend is actually totally awesome. As I pulled up to my house on the bike, I saw all the little children at the end of the block laughing and running and screaming. And there was the bird, flying down between them, going back to the roof. Then flying back down to play some more with them. It was incredible and I so badly want to capture it. Looks like I’m going to have to befriend some children. Which will be fine. šŸ™‚

About a week or so ago one morning, I was sitting on the porch and this colorful little hummingbird flew over to this flowering plant in the front yard. Then it flew almost right up to me and just stared for a couple of seconds before flying off. A couple of days after that, I saw the little bird again hovering at the plant.

Flor #612

So two mornings ago, I was on the porch again and saw the hummingbird in the other corner of the yard. I ran inside to get my camera and set it up to record video and placed it on the ground underneath the plant. Waited and waited and waited. After about 10 minutes, I decided to pack it up and head in. Just then, this Red-Lored Amazon flew into the almond tree in the front yard.

I slowly walked over with the camera to take a picture, just hoping it wouldn’t fly off. Not that it’s the most exotic bird. They’re pretty common here, apparently. But wild in nature and in the front yard so…. neat! I took a couple of photos with the 24mm lens that was on the camera and decided that I needed a better lens. Walked inside to get another lens, resigning myself to the fact that the bird may disappear. But he didn’t. In fact, I went inside twice to change lenses and he stayed!

“Well, hello!”
Red-Lored Amazon #351

“Don’t mind me. I just have something stuck in my beak.”
Red-Lored Amazon #358

“What’s that pink thing in your mouth? That’s not a tongue. THIS is a tongue!”
Red-Lored Amazon #418

Awkward yearbook photo.
Red-Lored Amazon #483

“Your theories are interesting to me. Do you a newsfeed to which I might subscribe?” (I wish this were in focus!!)
Red-Lored Amazon #534

“Cleaning time!”
Red-Lored Amazon #561

“Do you smell something? That’s not me, is it?”
Red-Lored Amazon #564

“Oh, that’s the spot.”
Red-Lored Amazon #575

“Make sure you get my good side.”
Red-Lored Amazon #608

Had I not already gone inside twice, I would’ve gone a third time to get the tripod to shoot stable video but I didn’t want to chance it.

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