So today, I decided to pedal on down to Playa Hermosa. Google notes the route I gave it as 13.3km. So my little adventure was about 30km today, there and back (and riding elsewhere in the area, plus the path to my house from the starting point).

Here’s a handy map!

I’m tired. It was hilly. But awesome. The view along 34 is coastline on the side of a mountain. Waves crashing on the rocky coast below. Blue waters. Winding roads. Just beautiful. But seriously exhausting on a beach cruiser. I’ve GOT to get a mountain bike.

Looking out over the waters of Jacó from the cliff on the south end, you couldn’t help but see the yacht in the water. It’s funny how these are so common all over the coast of South Florida but you see one here and it’s unusual. After just seeing the boat show in Miami Beach, too, it looked a little “eh.”

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But then… Playa Hermosa. I can’t even describe how awesome this little surf town is. My plan today was to go there and just kind of scope it out. I took a few photos, including lots of surfing shots. But I have to go back soon. Because it is pure surf town with an almost “Endless Summer” feel to it. And it’s worth it, just for the ride. Amazing.

(Also, check the lizard. To put it into size perspective, his mid-section was roughly equal in diameter to that of a beer can.)

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