Mi casa. 🙂
(For safety reasons, I have replaced the photo with a drawing. It’s pretty much the exact same thing.)

I went to Jacó on a mission today: to find and photograph a waterfall that a friend told me about. I ride my bicycle to Jacó on an almost daily basis. It’s a solid 25-30 minute ride each way which, under the heat of the sun and with one gear, makes for a pretty good workout. Even riding to the beach here in Herradura is good exercise, taking about 20 minutes. Moreso on the way back because it’s almost entirely uphill. At least with the ride to Jacó there are ups and downs, not all one or the other.

It was only after completing the trek to the beach in Jacó, laying out my towel, and then pulling out my camera to test-shoot some surfers that I realized I had forgotten the battery for my camera. It was at home, sitting in the charger. Doh! So tomorrow looks like waterfall day.

It wasn’t a total loss. I had brought an older lens with me to see how far out 300mm would take me into the water. It’s good, but 400mm would be better, like I imagined. In conjunction with a 1.4x teleconverter, I’ve got no worries. So that’s on the list. Plus, that’ll make shooting wildlife a much simpler task, I suspect. And I want closeups on birds. Not birds just sitting in trees, though. I want them doing stuff. Flying. High-fiving each other. I’ll have to learn how to communicate with them.

I swear I’m not a birder. Not that there’s anything wrong with birders. I’ve just never pictured myself being one of them.

I think I might need to get a hammock, though. After the beach, I kind of meandered around the main strip, Avenida Pastor Diaz, looking at the various shops and restaurants a little more in detail than I had on previous visits. An assortment of bright and colorful hammocks really caught my eye at one shop and I was pleased with myself for being able to haggle down the price en español with the merchant. Although, truthfully, he just kept dropping the price without me saying anything. Still, at least I picked up the drop in price. So yay me.

I didn’t buy one because it’s pretty much a luxury item and I’m doing just fine without it. Still, though. I may need to get one. Because then I could lay in it at dusk, drinking a tasty beverage, listening to the sounds of the barrio, and watch this:

Granted, that’s already a pretty nice enough moment by itself. But I think a hammock would totally enhance it.


Here are some photos I took over the past few days when I had a battery in my camera.

One of the friendly neighborhood dogs. Un perro del barrio, if you will. 🙂
Perro de la barrio #851

I have a mango tree in my front yard. 🙂
<Photo unavailable>

The dirt road at the end of the dirt road where I live. After about three blocks heading toward town, the road becomes paved.
Walking #864

At Playa Jacó over the weekend.
Following along

And some ocean mist.
Ocean mist #755

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  • RickMar 12, 2013

    Nice video…serene.

    I’m curious. It looks pretty peaceful around there, but I see the bars on the window….function or fashion?

  • ScottMar 12, 2013

    It’s pretty serene. The only real noise in the area is 18-wheelers downshifting on Hwy(?) 34 which you can actually see from the porch just over the treetops way off in the distance.

    Fashion, ha! I almost believe that might be the case. But it’s function, really. Bars seem to be standard issue throughout Costa Rica.

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