Yesterday I set out on a mission to provide a glimpse into the place I call home now. Actually, the primary mission was to go to the beach. Secondary to that was getting footage. So voila.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: it took me NINE (9!!!) hours to get this video uploaded. If I could’ve put it on Vimeo, I would have since they can play videos in HD by default. However, the upload kept dying so I put it on Youtube which doesn’t play in HD by default. So do me a favor and select the HD version when you’re watching it. It looks so much better and then I won’t feel like I wasted a tremendous amount of time. (Granted, I was sleeping for 7 of those 9 hours, but still.)

Here, it should be noted that when you’re a professional like me, you use duct tape. Seriously, for lack of a proper mount, duct tape worked pretty well. I had actually used it once before, but the position of the camera was less than optimal.

Bicycle mount #223

And here you go. The video. 🙂

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