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Green #358
For the most part, I stayed in and around the house today. Worked on some pre-Costa Rica photos for someone most of the morning. Looking at the tree in the front yard (above) and began wishing I could time-lapse record so much here. In the early afternoon, I rode up to Super La Amistad, the small little market/soda on the corner to get a couple of items. Totally digging that little store more and more with each visit. I stop by once or twice a day usually for necessary items. Groceries. Whatnot.

But they sell everything. Fresh fish. School supplies. Clothes. Hardware. Dolls. Toys. Kitchenware. Stoves. It’s a whole level of adventure in and of itself. I mean, it’s not an adventure but there is just so much life and character to it. For example, the extremely weathered foosball table out front. Why is that there? I never see anyone playing it. Is there a weekly tournament? Was there one at one point? What’s up, foosball table? I want to go there and photograph everything. The outside, the inside… all of it! Just crazy wonderful.

Calle #376

On the way home (see above photo), I noticed a couple of horses near the fence of the farm at the end of my street. Grabbed my camera and after shooting a little video, ended up deciding to explore the barrio a bit. In particular, I wanted to go up the road on the other side of the market which leads to Canopy Vista Los Sueños. So I did.

Canopy Vista Los Sueños is an adventure stop in the area offering ziplines through the rainforest, 3-hour horseback riding excursions, and a butterfly garden which you can tour. It’s pretty large. And it’s located probably just under a kilometer from where I am. Anyway, I stopped in the office to inquire about prices and whatnot. When Zach gets here, we’ll likely go do the zipline because it looks like great fun. I’ve watched a number of videos on Youtube featuring ziplining in Costa Rica and this place looks top notch.

Anyway, there are farms all in the area and so today was apparently my day for shooting living things. Creatures and a couple of flowers.
Caballo #402

Vacas #468
I say creatures because, even though it was horses and cows I photographed mostly, a lizard was in the yard again this morning. And I have never seen a lizard run so frickin’ fast. It was shocking and totally caught me off guard. And I have to say when it went all Spiderman on the cinderblock wall that encompasses the property, practically flying up it at lightning speed, it made me rethink my love for lizards. This photo was taken as it was halfway up the wall. Enlarge the image and look at that thing! It’s vertical and flying!


The flowers were surprising because it was just as I started to head home that I caught the purple one out of the corner of my eye. Then I realized there is probably so much that goes unnoticed. So I started looking. And then I saw the little orange and red flowers, each “bouquet” about the size of a fingernail. (And a detail that’s not visible in the scaled-down photo here but IS detectable in the full-size image is the teeny tiny spider just under the petals on the flowers on the left).
Flor #515

Flores #517

After getting home and getting settled, this little Red-Lored Amazon (very common apparently) settled onto the wire. And the children pointed and yelled. I heart this place.
Parrot #519

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