Lifeguard Shack #570I went to bed around 4am last night and was startled awake two hours later. Unfortunately, I live three blocks from the beach on the eastern peninsula of the United States. A beautiful beach. So photographing the sunrise over the beach is… well, I have no excuse not to shoot it if I’m up. It’s an exercise in guilt/regret that shouldn’t occur first thing in the morning but it does. More often than I’d like.

And don’t get me wrong: obviously, it’s beautiful, the sunrise. It’s just so damn early in the morning. Like first thing in the morning. No bueno.

That’s one thing that I’m going to enjoy when I’m in Costa Rica (at least for the first month or so when I’m on the Pacific coast): shooting sunsets at the beach and not sunrises. Sunsets happen at an awesome time of the day. I could squeeze in three or four naps before a sunset ever happened! In any event, I’ve uploaded the photos from this morning’s trip into the birds collection.

Flight #640

Special Bonus Pro-Tip!

To attract seagulls, bring bread and break it into crumbs. Then, throw the bread crumbs into the air.
Suddenly… seagulls! Who knew?!?!

(For the most part, that tip works marvelously. However, sometimes, for no reason whatsoever, the seagulls just up and take off in unison. Like they have better things to do than eat free bread crumbs. Don’t worry, though: they’ll come back. They always come back.)
Flight #742

Extra Special Bonus!

Here’s 4.5 minutes of seagulls up close and personal eating bread crumbs. At the 1:30 mark, it actually gets a lot more clear as a small little wave washes over the camera. I’d also like to explain what’s going on at the 4:10 mark. This part of the video was actually staged. It went down like this:

“Larry! Steve! Lady! You know what we’re doing in this scene, right? I want you to hit your marks near the seaweed and then sloooooowly turn to look out over the ocean. What you’re feeling here is uncertainty. Is the stranger going to give you another bread crumb or not? Then I want you to reach deep down and pull out a subtle melancholy mixed with confusion about why you’re suddenly being shuffled away from where you were standing before. That place where you were comfortably and happily eating the free bread crumbs being thrown onto the ground. Why has this happened to you? Alright, places everyone! Don’t screw this one up again, Larry! Annnnnnd… Action!”

Do you see the kind of talent I have to work with? Not a single one of them nailed it! Ugh.

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