So last night, I got directions to the place I’m renting for the first month or so in Costa Rica and they went something like this:

After you cross the bridge in town, you’ll see a little market. X number of unmarked roads beyond that on the left, turn in. The house is the nth on the right side of the road (not including the one on the corner facing the road).

One thing Costa Rica doesn’t have very much of is named roads or street addresses. From what I can gather, anyway. For sure, major roads are named. But people navigate by landmarks. In fact, when I booked the house and the reservation came through, the property was identified on the map by longitude/latitude. Not by a street address or street name.

Fun! Seriously, this makes me happy. Nearly off the grid? Check!!

No, my intention isn’t to go off the grid. In fact, I hope I’m more integrated into the grid. I’ll be connected. Tied in. I’ll be like Neo only in Costa Rica, shooting with cameras not guns. Wearing jungle attire. I should probably buy a pith helmet. I think that would round out my awesomeness pretty neatly.

I do have to say, though, that I’m growing somewhat concerned with my decision to be near Jacó in March. It’s going to be really heavy with tourists. Spring breakers, even. I don’t really want to be around that. Of course, that’s exactly what Zach is going to be. A spring breaker. And him, I definitely want to be around. And Playa Hermosa is just down the road and I know we’ll be checking that out. 🙂

I have a feeling that I’ll be doing a whole lot of traveling around the country before he arrives. I want to go to Monteverde, for sure. There’s actually a really perfect inn up there that I’ve been eyeballing. My god, it’s beautiful. In a classic European 1950s kind of way. And cheap! The inn seems a little off the radar, based on searches for it on some of the travel sites.

Everything just looks so magical to me right now.

I’ve done a little more research and realized that the Mule Transport is actually not at all the solution I need for getting the surfboard(s) back and forth to the beach. It doesn’t do bumps well, from all the reviews I’ve read and I’m going to be traveling at least one dirt road to the beach, maybe more. So I’ve been looking at the Carver side rack. Definitely getting video of the ride to the beach. Definitely getting video everywhere. GoPro and 5D II video. Realized that I really need to invest in a longer lens and maybe a teleconverter. And I’m thinking I need to go ahead and buy every single GoPro mount made. 🙂

On a completely (un)related note, and in all seriousness, I would love to meet silk pyjamas/big pith helmet girl in Costa Rica. That would be just great.

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