Twelve-Fifteen, Eighteen-Twentyone

December 15, 2012 in General by Scott Alexander

Today is December 15, 2012. Alec would’ve been 21 years old today. Zachary just turned 18 three days prior, on the 12th.

I was going through photos tonight and ran across some I’ve never published before. These are photos I took on Alec and Zach’s last night in South Beach from when they lived here. I made us actually get out of the house so I could take photos of the two of them. The awesome (and hilarious) poses are all their own doing. These were taken on the 18th of December, 2008. Zach is now a year older than Alec was in these photos. Unreal.

I wish I had taken more. And I wish I hadn’t simply shot with the 85mm manual focus Nikkor lens that night. But I did and this is as good as it gets. And I’m glad I have them. I just wish I had more.

Look at the hair! God, they truly were my golden surfer boys then. My little lords of dogtown.