Sunday was a nice day for me. I took Sativa out for a long walk and got some photos of her. Wanted to surprise her mom with some nice new photos of her favorite little Chinese Crested. And Sativa is great photographically when I can get her.

But after that, the day got even better because I went out to take some photos for a friend of her children out on Key Biscayne. And some family shots, too. So that was pretty awesome. I wouldn’t mind a business doing location shoots of children and pets. That would be perfectly fine with me.

So here’s a few photos and a short little clip from the afternoon when the kids were chasing birds. (Yes, it’s another bird video. But this time, cute children chasing them! And that’s enough to brighten anyone’s day!)

Sativa #62

White Christmas #5

Sativa #996

Sativa #29

Sativa #46

Chasing Birds

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