Scott Alexander

A day for the birds

A day for the birds

Scott Alexander December 4, 2012

Last night, I went to bed a little after 4am. I generally like to go to bed between 2am and 3am, pushing more toward the latter, because it affords me ample time in the evening to completely do stuff. Stuff being, most times, nothing worthwhile. But it MIGHT be worthwhile! You never know.

I had today off so I wasn’t really concerned about what time I went to bed last night. However, I awoke exactly two hours after I went to sleep. At 6:15am. And I woke up because I was having this incredibly vivid dream that was Alice in Wonderland meets Back to the Future meets Art Basel a la Lincoln Road street performance with a zombie lead character (moi) AND aliens in supporting roles. (It sounds like it went really dark, but it didn’t. I was a friendly zombie. And the aliens were friendly, too.)

All of this told with a definite afterschool special feel, replete with background gospel singers in a surprisingly uplifting tale of hope and coming together to rise up.

I know, right? It doesn’t sound like a very cheerful or inspiring dream. But it was.

So I awoke with a start. Clearly, I had to get busy changing the world! Then I realized I had two hours of sleep.

Stupid dreams. Now I’m stuck with the decision as to whether I should go take sunrise photographs or not. Sigh.

So I packed my camera bag, donned a jacket, got on my scooter, and went out. Here are a handful of photos of some birds from sunrise. Plus a short video. It’s worth noting (if only for you to learn from my mistake) that because I didn’t have enough coffee in my system, I took WAAAAAAY too many photos. Sadly, there are a lot of them that are, in fact, really good. And I like them. And they are worth the effort of processing. But it’s sooo much time. So maybe I’ll get around to it. Maybe I won’t. For now, here are some birds.

This one is my favorite. Coincidentally, it made Miami New Times’ 305 Photo of the Day. I’ve been getting a few of those lately. If only there was a cash prize involved!