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My Friday Night, Part 1

My Friday Night, Part 1

Scott Alexander November 6, 2012

Historically, I don’t go out much. But last week… Oh my god, last week, I went out three times! It was crazy! I can pretty much not go out again for another six to eight months to keep my numbers consistent. I may have to get out more, though. It was fun.

I like going out with people. I really do. Because the people I go out with are typically nice people. Friends, usually. They’re very, very nice. And most of them smell good. Anyway, here is my story of last Friday night when I went out with friends.

Something cool which you may or may not like here: I’m playing around with Stipple right now. Totally digging everything about the concept. It’s an image management(?) platform that allows the users to extensively tag, track, and monetize photos. So make sure you hover over the photos in this post. Everytime you do, six dollars goes directly into my bank account! No, I’m kidding about that. Just hover. You’ll see.

So Friday afternoon, I got a text from Priscila.

comedy hour tng at 8!

Okay, I’m in. Just need to stop by Ginger’s and pick her up and…


Finally leaving.

“Let’s stop by my place so I can get my camera,” I say.”

Ginger #718

Ginger #718


Eventually, we arrive at Kill Your Idol on Espanola Way. It’s Friday Night Comedy Hour. No cover. And I think drinks were half-price. I’m not 100% about the last part. I make my way to the restroom. Because why use my nice, clean, safe one at home when I can wander into god knows what?

Oh, well, hey. This is pretty neat!

Towel Dispenser #739
Towel Dispenser #739, at Kill Your Idol

If I didn’t know at the time that people were waiting outside the door to get in, I probably would’ve spent ten minutes in here photographing the restroom. Very cool.

Part 2 to follow…

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