Ginger and I have, on a few different occasions now, done these very brief, little photo shoots. In fact, for what we do, “photo shoot” is really a misnomer; we go out and take some pictures. Although I would love to photograph her regularly (and we both often talk with great enthusiasm about when we’re going to go to such and such location for an actual photo shoot), it never happens. For any number of reasons.

So our “shoots” usually occur when I happen to have my camera on me and we spontaneously agree that right now would be a great time to take photos. And in part because it’s such a rare experience and I know it’s always going to be such a momentary event, my mind starts racing like it’s running the 100-meter hurdles.

Do I have the right lenses? This pose works? Maybe we could do this in the backdrop? Running out of time, Scott!!!! Smile or no smile? Should I shoot wide? Augggh! Have I not done this before?!?!

So I jump from the starting line, and even though I should be able to run the race backwards with my eyes closed, my mind makes absolutely no attempt to actually clear any of the hurdles but instead just plows through them. Every single time we have these little spontaneous moments of picture-taking, my head goes straight to model-shoot mentality and I rush myself. And the moment is always over as quickly as it began.

And Ginger is hilarious, overflowing with personality, absolutely gorgeous, and has a beautiful, beautiful smile. She radiates beauty. AND she’s drop-dead sexy, too. She does cute. She does sweet. She’s perfect for the camera. Truly. The problem is that we’re entirely goofy together.

All. The. Time.

So these brief photographic interludes are always riddled with non-seriousness. Which, really, is fine. If I were a smarter man, I would focus on those Kodak moments entirely when they’re there and recognize that, no, this isn’t the 100-meter dash. At the same time, I still really wish that we could devote one solid day (or a month) to a solid fashion shoot. It may never happen, though, because it’s almost impossible to reel in the goofy. And, honestly, why would I want to?

I always love the photos we take. Because they end up just being pictures of “that day we did this” or “that day we did that.” I need to train my mind to stop this plowing through hurdles.

So here are photos from Thanksgiving Day. This set of pictures came about because, while I was in the kitchen cooking, Ginger went and changed into her Thanksgiving Day outfit. She came out and I said, “Oh, we should definitely take photos! You look amazing!” So while food was cooking in the oven, we ran outside and into the courtyard and took some pictures.

Side note: the skirt? She and her mother made it together. Totally love this look on Ginger.


This photo, I love. I only wish that I had taken one more second of time to compose it slightly better. To me, it captures the Alice in Wonderland aspect of Ginger.

Ginger + Sativa

“Alright, turn around real quickly,” I say.


And then the laughter that follows.


  • Some nice shots here, you’re right she’s really photogenic, got a lovely smile. My favourites are the B&W edit at the bottom, and the one leaning against a tree, though I can see the Alice in Wonderland effect… just a shame about the dog in shot for me!

  • I know what you mean by the “right lens” comment. When I’m shooting “for me” and not for a paid project, I sometimes deliberately leave behind most of my equipment and just take off with one lens. I did it today actually. I had a vague idea to produce something (nothing major materialized but that subject is for a forthcoming blog post) tonight, but I wasn’t sure what. So I just bought my 50 1.2 with me. It’s versatile, yes, but forces you to think a certain way. Some of the spontaneous stuff I’ve done forces this as well. You lose spontaneity if you stop to do a lens swap, in my opinion.

    Oh, and yeah, excellent spontaneous images here. I like the color tones, it matches the weather today.

  • Stupid Head Face

    I love this girl more than words can articulate..

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