On Saturday, I went to the Redbull Flugtag event held at Bayside in Miami. I had been pretty excited about it for the entire week prior. My enthusiasm on Saturday morning, however, was pretty much out the window after waking up late and sleepy-eyed from the night prior.

Went with a couple of friends and we arrived a couple of hours later than I had hoped. Massive, massive crowd. Almost immediately upon arrival, the opening ceremonies started. So there was this:

Followed by the singing of the national anthem. Which we were able to see on one of the many massive screens plastered up around the park. Seriously, there were people so far away from where the main event was taking place that they were facing the opposite direction, watching the screens above them instead. It was that massive a crowd.

The three of us were all really hungry so after some cheering from the crowd for America and Redbull Flugtag and Miami, we went on a search for the food vendors which we eventually found at the very back of the park. Long lines for plates with what looked like actual meals. Speedy lines for the footlongs.

It was during this 30-minute adventure to find and get food that the event got underway. Waaaaaaay off in the distance, we would see craft of suspect engineering launch from the pad and fall straight into the water. The first few times it was funny. After the 7th or 8th time, it was less amusing. Even with food in our bellies.

We made our way back to the deep part of the crowd and watched a few more craft take off, disappear behind the crowd, and hit the water somewhere out of our line of sight. Then we left.

For street photographers, it was an awesome opportunity to shoot people, if nothing else. Because there were tons of people there. Interesting people. And there was lots to photograph. But I’ll be honest: my heart just wasn’t in it that day. Probably because the night before zapped my energy and I was more interested in hanging out with my friends than going to try to get some shots of the event. I certainly wasn’t going to leave them and go wandering off into the crowd. Even though there were other photographers there who I had hoped to meet.

So here are some of the few photos I took during this little excursion. There are no pictures of flying crafts launching majestically out across the water. Just photos I took along the way.

Oh, one final note. Before we even left to go to the event, I did something incredibly stupid. While getting in the car, I was pulling the camera, strapped around my neck, over my head. In doing so, I completely whacked myself in the face just above the eye. I bled and bled and bled. Would NOT stop bleeding. This was a great source of humor. For my friends.

We talked about it and I tried to come up with alternate stories I could tell people as to what happened above my eye. It was decided nobody would believe I was in a fight. It still didn’t stop me from telling people who asked what happened, “The first rule of Fight Club is don’t talk about Fight Club.”

Because that sounds a lot better than telling people, “The first rule of Camera Club is don’t talk about how you clumsily hit yourself in the face with your own camera as if you’ve never held one before.”

(Don’t forget to hover over the images and look for the dots!)

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