This morning, I had planned to shoot the sunrise over the beach. And by planning I mean hoped that I magically woke up in time as I just entirely passed out last night and, naturally, didn’t set any kind of alarm.

When my eyes opened, the digital clock read 6:45am. The exact minute scheduled for this morning’s sunrise on Miami Beach. I got up anyway, went home, made coffee, grabbed my camera, and headed to the beach. I had hoped to meet other photographers there but I was, not surprisingly, too late.

The sky was cloudless. But there were birds. So here are some photos of birds. And a short video of the early morning.


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Hello, I'm Scott. I take photos. Do things. Whatnot. Mixed Digital Media Artist.

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  • FipsNov 24, 2012

    Very nice, lovely colours in these, and I love the long, drawn-out shadows of the birds lined up on the sand.

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