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Dinner and tourists

Dinner and tourists

Scott Alexander November 25, 2012

Tonight, I went out to eat dinner with friends. And I went to two overlapping, completely separate dinners (one on Espanola Way, one on Lincoln Road) with three different friends. How did that work out, Scott? Not so well.

I decided ahead of time that, rather than just do the simple thing and eat with both sets of friends, I would be awkward and only eat with one set of friends. Unfortunately, that dinner was over by the time I returned from the other dinner. I’m still hungry. Which could explain a lot of things.

Anyway, after dinner, Ginger, Lourdes, and I walked home and we all felt like tourists.

“Where did that shop come from?”
“How long has this been here?”
“Oh, let’s get a photo here. In front of this place that has been here forever and we’ve seen a bajillion times.”

All three of us were dressed like it was February in New England, though. Each of us wearing winter coats. Ginger also had 37 layers of clothes on, underneath her coat. In this regard, we were nothing like tourists.

So here are some photos from the night out.

While walking home, we stopped in at Passage of India, a women’s clothing boutique on Washington Ave. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in this store now. Honestly, I’ve been in it more times in the past three years than I’ve been in men’s clothing stores in the past five to seven. Thanks, Ginger. No, I enjoy going in there. They’ve got great items for women, really. I finally put a review on Yelp tonight after going, in fact.

I’m not going to lie. Sometimes my interest fades while clothes shopping with Ginger. Hence, a self-portrait. And I hate these kind of self-portraits. Really, I do. But I was bored.

I’m going to find the model who can wear these shoes. Because they are all kinds of awesome. I may have to check this store out in more detail later. (On Washington Ave.)

Washington Ave.

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