I sat for a very brief moment today in front of 810 Lincoln Road. As I rested there, the music, humming low from underneath the awning at the Art Center, was especially eerie. I wondered if they were playing it specifically for the days ahead. (They’ve had this whole audio project going on for a long, long stretch of time now. Very soft, non-intrusive sound playing onto the pedestrian street.)

I looked at the space before me and thought about places I’m familiar with on the beach. Places that provide for interesting or unique backdrops. And I thought about the noticeable details of a person. I thought about space and negative space.

I left after the girl with black wings appeared.

On Sunday, I am shooting my first male subject. A bodybuilder. I’ve been hired to take promotional shots. Obviously, not my typical shoot. So I have to think differently and get my head in the right state. I know the photos will be stellar. I’m just trying to mentally capture all the possibilities. I want to go in with my eyes wide open.

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