I went up to Lincoln Road this afternoon after stopping by La Sandwicherie. Took some photos. Here they are.

After I saw the yellow fan, I decided it was time to go. On the way home on my scooter, a fortuitous moment occurred. I chuckled at the prospect of the driver of the Lamborghini just flooring it at the light change.

Girl with dog #39

Man walking #41

Two by two

Different paths

Scooter life #58

Walking #73 (Cut Edition)

Peace #77

Dancing like nobody's watching

Girl on a bike #98

Technological Age #104

Scooter life #110

The old man, the Banker, and the Pigeon

Woman on a bike #121

Light + shadows #133

Guy on a bike #135

Girls + guy walking #143

Big yellow fan #146 (Spin Edition)

Big yellow fan #146

“Please floor it… please floor it… PLEASE FLOOR IT!!!”
"Please floor it... please floor it... PLEASE FLOOR IT!!!"

And here’s video of the Lamborghini with the police in hot pursuit!!! Not really. So disappointing.

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