More flowers crafted by Ginger. As you may notice, this little potted collection of handmade flowers is fashioned in University of Miami Hurricanes colors: orange and green (and white).

There is purpose in all of these flowers that Ginger is crafting. She has been making flowers – massive amounts of flowers – to raise awareness for mental illness.

This year, I’ll be doing the Out of the Darkness Walk again. I won’t be forming my own team as I did two years ago but will instead be joining the team Ginger is on which is the U of M psychiatry residents team (I believe). Also, while I’ll be working to raise awareness, I won’t be raising any donations directly but will be helping Ginger raise donations.

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As most of you know, just over two years ago, my oldest son Alec took his life at age 18. He knowingly made the decision to end his time on this earth after leaving a suicide note wherein he wanted to make it perfectly clear he was happy. And signed it “love love love” all over.

Ultimately, mental illness is what made Alec believe suicide was the best choice for him and everyone he loved.

A horrible sadness engulfed my son. And when he took his life, that sadness hit like a tsunami with wave after wave after wave of grief crushing those who loved him and, ultimately, altering the landscape left behind. Could it have been prevented? Perhaps. You can be certain, though, that if I could go back in time and do whatever I could to prevent his death, I would.

But I can’t.

So this year, I will help take part in the walk again and help raise awareness through that. And I will help Ginger make flowers to raise awareness and raise money to aid in funding programs to assist troubled youth.

I will never forget the day of Alec’s death. But as much as the moment of hearing the news and everything that ensued, there’s another memory from that day sitting diametrically opposed and yet forever connected: I remember earlier in the day, walking with Ginger to drop off a letter at the mailbox. On the way back were these beautiful pink flowers. I remember looking at them, photographing them, and thinking and feeling with all of my heart that it was going to be one of the most beautiful days ever, blissfully unaware of the tsunami about to hit.

My flower/suicide connection is entirely coincidental to Ginger’s flowers she’s making to help raise awareness for mental illness. She’s doing a truly beautiful thing with the flowers. And I’m fully behind her on it. More details will follow.

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